Experience more than 15 years

Italian Goldi Company

original spare parts

We guarantee that you will get original spare parts at reasonable prices

Spread in all provinces

We have service centers in all governorates of Egypt

Technical support available 24/7

Technical support is available 24 hours to provide the highest comfort

Immediate home maintenance

Maintenance is carried out at home, except for major faults that require moving the device to the company’s headquarters

24 hour hot line

Customer service available 24 hours/7 days Contact us on 19117

Maintenance center approved by the industrial control

We offer a full one year warranty on maintenance provided by our maintenance team

شركة جولدي الايطالية صيانه غسالات وثلاجات وديب فريزر

Our company provides all maintenance services..

Lowest cost and best performance

The occurrence of malfunctions is a very common occurrence, but what increases the severity of the matter is our poor use, and it is in our hands to reduce the incidence of these malfunctions if we are careful from now on not to harm during use. We specialize in maintaining all washing machines and refrigerators at the lowest prices.High-End and Perfect Replica Bags for Women and Men at https://bagsy.is

Maintenance of all home appliances...

Our goal is customer satisfaction

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What does our company offer?

product categories..

Latest Products..

The fastest maintenance service because we reach you the same day or within 24 hours

Italian Goldi Company

original spare parts

More than 15 years experience

Best Price

Full Year Warranty

We have technicians at the highest level

24 hours service

شركة جولدي الايطالية صيانه غسالات وثلاجات وديب فريزر

Avoid washing machine malfunctions

Dry it well after each use, inside and out, and put it on a raised base from the ground. Do not splash water on the control panel. Leave its door open after using it for a short period. Do not operate it consecutively more than once. Putting an appropriate amount of clothes for its absorption capacity.

Avoid refrigerator malfunctions

Cleaning the condenser fan You need to clean periodically to remove dust Checking the rubber frame of the refrigerator door is usually bitten to stick food residues and dirt on it Clean the condenser coils as this condenser is responsible for all heat exchange processes in the refrigerator Adjust the refrigerator temperature We always prefer it to be a temperature The interior of the refrigerator is between 2 and 5 degrees Celsius. Clean the ventilation holes. The refrigerator needs passable holes in order to be able to take out the air and distribute it around.

شركة جولدي الايطالية صيانه غسالات وثلاجات وديب فريزر
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